VTS Network


Our network has been built to provide you with the shortest possible path to your most visited Internet destinations, providing you with fast and resilient access 24/7.
We have direct access to a worldwide network engineering team for pro-active management which provides you with faster fault response times and greater control over your traffic.


• Diversified Upstream Connectivity
• Redundant Routers for Upstream Connectivity
• High density of access POP all over Burkina Faso
• Robust high-speed backbone
• Our transit network is built for reliability with ownership of infrastructure, including equipment and towers
• With IP Transit, you get the access bandwidth you buy (to the nearest VTS PE router). When you connect via our PoP’s you  get full rate performance.
• With Aggregated Billing we can bill you in aggregate across all our PoP’s, no matter when or where your traffic flows.
• Fast support and greater control over network traffic
• Designed for superior performance and high throughput
• Completely redundant network with the option to take multiple physical handoffs nationally
• Scalable - solutions for 1Mbps through to 1Gbps
• Multiple delivery options to suit every business
• Enhanced DDoSprotection including automatic mitigation.

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