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Virtual Technologies and Solutions was launched in 2016 by a small, yet dedicated team who wanted to create an Internet Service that would fully meet the requirement of providing fast and reliable connectivity in Burkina Faso. 


Our approach is client centric and we are focused on delivering a level of service and support unparalleled by any other provider in Burkina Faso to our clients/customers. We offer exceptional support 24/7 to ensure we are meeting the demands of even the most demanding clients. We are experienced, approachable and committed to what we do. 


Our vision has always been to provide a full range of services at affordable prices to suit a variety of clients including residential, wholesale, enterprises and much more. We are very unique as our core global internet connectivity is presented in Ghana, United Kingdom, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, and United States where we have multiple transit and peering connections with a variety of global networks. This allows us to ensure our clients are connected in in the shortest amount of time using the most direct paths.


We continue to invest heavily in our infrastructure ensuring its future proof to meet demand and also ensuring we stay at the very forefront of being the leading ISP in the country and region. We have come a long way in short period of time and we represent one of the success stories on the Burkina Faso internet market and we have done this with minimal advertising campaigns but purely from our customer loyalty and word of mouth.

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