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Let's imagine you have several office locations across Ouagadougou. You may even have a remote site at Bobo-Dioulasso. If you want your office LANs to be connected so that your employees can collaborate and share resources such as servers and storage, you could connect these with point-to-point private lines. However, such a solution is expensive. At VTS, we are able to provide elegant solutions(that meet your requirements with affordable rates) that can connect your geographically dispersed sites such that it appears as if all your IT equipment were on a single LAN.

Our Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS), is based on globally standardized technologies, creates a virtual Ethernet network for your private use over our network. The figure shows our VPLS network and how your offices would connect to it.

Your customer equipment (CE) – an Ethernet switch – would connect to Virtual Technologies and Solutions’ network equipment (PE). We create the “virtual circuits” within our network so that your sites are connected in a full mesh. As far as you are concerned, all your equipment (PCs, printers, servers, etc.) appears to be on a single LAN.

We keep your traffic isolated and private from those of other businesses that use our VPLS infrastructure. You maintain your own network on top of this single, virtual Ethernet LAN. You can run any protocol (IP-based or non-IP) you like on top of this.

If you want more information about how Virtual Technologies and Solutions’ VPLS can help your business, please contact us at +226-25430994 or email info@vts.bf

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